Topical Issues

Items of interest to Neutral Bay residents

Here we will list a few details and where to get more information on items of local interest


Military Road Corridor Planning Study

This study by Council looked at the Military Road corridor and adjoining blocks. In summary, the first stage recommended to raise the permitted height from 5 to 6 stories along Military Road, to ensure adequate office and retail space. It also highlighted four sites to have their height limits raised to between 8 to 12 stories, in exchange for open community space around them. After community input this was reduced to three sites. This is a very brief summary, more information including the complete reports on Councils information page: Military Road Corridor Planning Study


Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade

The RMS is proposing to widen the Freeway, remove half of Alfred Street North (permanently removing 100 much needed parking spots from Alfred Street North in the process), take and build over 3 hectares of green space within Cammeray Golf Course, provide unfiltered exhaust stacks near schools, make Berry Street far busier and so split North Sydney business district, etc

There were 1,454 public submissions, 18 of those submissions supported the project.

Details on the project are here: Planning NSW

Response by North Sydney Council


Young Street Plaza

Now open, this is a Council initiative to provide community space within Neutral Bay. It closes Young Street between Military Road to Grosvenor Lane and has a temporary green installation while in this trial period. Full details on Council’s website – Young Street Plaza