ABOUT Neutral Precinct

Neutral Precinct is a two way conduit between North Sydney Council and the Neutral Bay Community. This is your chance to have your say on your local community, whether commenting on a Development Application, giving feedback on a civic project or just making a suggestion. The Precinct, whilst under the auspice of North Sydney Council, is independent from the Council in its activities and decision making.  



North Sydney Council started the Precinct system over 50 years ago to enable them to gauge community opinion on various matters affecting the local community. The Precincts are modest in size, so they can deal with items of interest to their local community. Precincts are an important part of North Sydney Council’s Community Engagement Program




The Neutral Precinct is funded by, administratively backed  and supported by North Sydney Council.


WHat is a Neutral Precinct Meeting like?

WhaT Does Neutral Precinct do?


Neutral Precinct acts as a link between the Neutral Bay community and North Sydney Council. The primary ways Neutral Precinct communicates is at it’s monthly meetings and via it’s email list of members.

Our meetings are small and friendly, open to all,  if you come along you will be heard. Please feel free to email to ask for an item to be included on the agenda if coming – or just ask on the night.

We also email regularly with items of local interest, if you would like to be included on our emails please email us. Our blog also has items affecting our area.

Neutral Precinct also helps co-ordinate community feelings on projects affecting our area.




Bent Street, Neutral Bay








Meeting Location

 Neutral Precinct meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except January) at 19.00 at the Neutral Bay Club, in the heart of Neutral Bay.


Neutral Bay Club, 3 Westleigh St, Neutral Bay 2089


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